Netmatters produce another award winning website

25th January 2013

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AshtonKCJ submitted an application for the LawNet Award for the Best Website 2012. This is an award which was won with NetMatters in 2010, we were keen to repeat this success in 2012.

On Monday the 12th of November 2012 - was announced as the winner of the Lawnet "Best Website Award for 2012"

The website is focused on providing a good user experience, with cleverly thought out menus and navigation options which enable the user to easily get to the information they need within only a few clicks - no mean feat for a website of this size (500+ pages).

Special attention was also taken with regards to the load speed and the speed of the hosting by choosing to use a virtual server this impacts the user experience in two ways, firstly and most importantly the calibre of hosting increase the load time and therefore maximises the users experience, secondly we were conscious that Google rates the load time of a websites homepage; this is why we opted to utilise a virtual server therefore decreasing load time to ensure preferential rankings with in search platforms.